Sunday, 9 December 2012

Have a Very Merry Topshop Christmas ( complete with a lick of sparkly gold ;) )

So i havent posted for a while so id like to start off by apologizing . I have had loads of exams and homework which means i cant update as much but i promise i will do my best :) So its almost christmas and on my list is definitely clothes :) Who could resist ripping open the packaging to a new knitted jumper on a cold christmas morning :D The thought sends shivers up my spine at the thought of Christmas round the corner :) 16 days to go till the big day :) Never too old for an advent calendar ... mmmm cadbury :) Decembers the only month where im actually sure of the dates hehe :) Anyway this gives me the chance to post styles to wear on xmas day and prezzies you can ask for from the guy in the big red coat and who has a white beard :) anyway uploading soon :) live a life of fashion :) xxxx

Friday, 28 September 2012

Pink and leopardprint x

Fashion Week x

Fashion Week x

TIBI leather shirt / rag & bone , $235 / Christian Louboutin gold boots / Prada tote bag, $2,095 / Aurélie Bidermann fringe earrings / Valentino couture jewelry / Chanel nailpolish

Uploading More Often Its Fridaaaay x

Ok so i said i would upload more today , so heres my morning post . I should be doing more around the evening time so if you want to have another look feel free. First of all i would like to thank people who viwed the blog yesterday , i got 23 more pageviews in a day !! I know this is not massive but it really does help to know that people are looking at your work ! So today im reallly sad because it is the last day of my work experience and next monday i have to go back to school. If your interested at 2:30 (Paris time) there is a live streaming from Dior , i unfortunately will miss it because im working but il watch it on youtube :) So iv got to go now but c you all soon x LIVE A LIFE FULL OF FASHION xx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blogging in Work Experience :) xxx

Hey Everyoneee xx So i havent updated in quite a while now , its because right now im on work experience , if you follow me on polyvore youl see that i have been updating less and less :( but hopefully now that tommorows my lat day of work experience i should be uploading a bit more frequently. OMG work experience is amazing , i have written articles on digital wills and renewable energy-wind farms! i have been doing many quixxes too , but of course we have the fashion side aswell :D on my first day i wore a black short sleeved skater dress with tights and pumps with bows on them , i wore also a blacka nd white leopard print blazer , it was amazing :) on my secon day i wore a wine coloured see through blouse with a black vest top underneath and black skinny trousers . Over it i wore a black blazer that has three quarter length sleeves! Today im currently wearing (yes iv done all the work possible and im allowed to do what i want) a black peplum top with a belt around the peplum area with a little gold bar :) im also wearing skinny black trousers and the blazer with the three quarter length sleeves(when i get a bit chilly). i have been pairing it with different accesories , like a little cuff bracelet with gems on it which is wine coloured and the first day i wore a black beaded blocked bracelet but it broke and i was in a meeting so that was  a bit of a disaster as you can guess , luckily i managed to tie it back until i got home . So are any of you on work experience ? please comment on one of my sets on polyvore orrrr on one of these on my blog :) id love to hear what my little fashionistas are wearing :) So yes il update tommorow aswell but for now , remember no matter what people say LIVE A LIFE FULL OF FASHION xxx

Lana Del Ray h&m look x

Dip Dye shirt look x

Friday, 24 August 2012

This is my first full writing post in a while but i have restarted school so im finding it hard to update constantly. So right now the style is army print or the distressed look , in topshop i recently bought aan army print jacket and grey and black leggings. I personally think that this is a great look as it works wether its warm or cold outside , pair an army print jacket with leggings or if its warm a pair of coloured or plain denim shorts x So to conclude in my opinion the army print jacket is the must have item xx

Beach girl

Topshop lover

Monday, 13 August 2012

Ok so on my last post I did a biker look but this is the part when i tell you how to get that look

Some people can make a mess when trying to pull of the biker chic look but infact its really easy and it looks great . Pair with a sequined coat for a casual or dressed up look , but the main key is a pair of biker boots and most importantly chunky jewelry and lots of it , like a cuff on each hand and a great necklace , i used a gold necklace to bring the gold sequined coat in a bit more but its entirely up to you xx

So now that leaves me to say go ahed and try , any questions feel free to ask me on blogger , on my polyvore or even message me on polyvore , my name is styleboudoir .

And one last thing remember Life A Life Of Fashion xx

Leather Biker chic

Leather Biker chic

Cropped jacket / 10 Crosby Derek Lam circle skirt / Ash black boots, $465 / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs jewelry / Hematite jewelry, $655 / Forte Forte chain necklace, $200 / Giorgio Armani lip stick

Friday, 3 August 2012

Ok so first I have not updated for a while buuuut thats because for the past eleven days i was in the south of France for my holidays but of course that means a twenty minute drive to St Tropez :) so while in St tropez i got a new jumper its a biscuity colour with spikes on the shoulders which is a style thats in right now. Right now the olympics are on and wow was that an amazing opening ceremony or what ! all the sport going on has kind of given me an idea so each day i will pick a sport and then make a set on polyvore about fashions inspired by the sport , it might not work but hey theres always a point in trying !i will try and upload that today because well theres not much to do when its raining (as usual) x so yeah look out for my sport posts xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

get the denim jacket look

Ok so i was in shopping in Glasgow city centre today and honestly some of the styles out there are err...well on the unfashionable side. As i walked into Topshop i started picking clothes out for my friend who i was shopping with , today was the day i wanted to dress her up as she usually doesn't go on the daring style of fashion , but as i was going to say "hey try these on " she turned to me and said "i dont like it" , i almost died when i heard that . I'm talking bout gorgeous tops and shorts i mean who can deny that loving or at least admiring dip dye shorts , id do anything for them but here in Scotland the weather is well not designed for shorts. So yes my best friend rejects to trying on beautiful clothes :( don't get me wrong she let me try once and honestly she looked fab but she doesn't want to stand out from the crowd which is a shame because she could look amazing. So i'm going on holiday to the South Of France next saturday and i'd say that i was pretty organized and then it hit me that i don't yet have a going out outfit and that i have around 3 days to find one :/ i'm not too sure where i'll find one or what style it will be but i want a dress that i can go out with but it can also be worn casually , yes i know i may ask alot but hey thats my wish lol x so i'll try and upload tonight bye xxx