Sunday, 9 December 2012

So i havent posted for a while so id like to start off by apologizing . I have had loads of exams and homework which means i cant update as much but i promise i will do my best :) So its almost christmas and on my list is definitely clothes :) Who could resist ripping open the packaging to a new knitted jumper on a cold christmas morning :D The thought sends shivers up my spine at the thought of Christmas round the corner :) 16 days to go till the big day :) Never too old for an advent calendar ... mmmm cadbury :) Decembers the only month where im actually sure of the dates hehe :) Anyway this gives me the chance to post styles to wear on xmas day and prezzies you can ask for from the guy in the big red coat and who has a white beard :) anyway uploading soon :) live a life of fashion :) xxxx

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