Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blogging in Work Experience :) xxx

Hey Everyoneee xx So i havent updated in quite a while now , its because right now im on work experience , if you follow me on polyvore youl see that i have been updating less and less :( but hopefully now that tommorows my lat day of work experience i should be uploading a bit more frequently. OMG work experience is amazing , i have written articles on digital wills and renewable energy-wind farms! i have been doing many quixxes too , but of course we have the fashion side aswell :D on my first day i wore a black short sleeved skater dress with tights and pumps with bows on them , i wore also a blacka nd white leopard print blazer , it was amazing :) on my secon day i wore a wine coloured see through blouse with a black vest top underneath and black skinny trousers . Over it i wore a black blazer that has three quarter length sleeves! Today im currently wearing (yes iv done all the work possible and im allowed to do what i want) a black peplum top with a belt around the peplum area with a little gold bar :) im also wearing skinny black trousers and the blazer with the three quarter length sleeves(when i get a bit chilly). i have been pairing it with different accesories , like a little cuff bracelet with gems on it which is wine coloured and the first day i wore a black beaded blocked bracelet but it broke and i was in a meeting so that was  a bit of a disaster as you can guess , luckily i managed to tie it back until i got home . So are any of you on work experience ? please comment on one of my sets on polyvore orrrr on one of these on my blog :) id love to hear what my little fashionistas are wearing :) So yes il update tommorow aswell but for now , remember no matter what people say LIVE A LIFE FULL OF FASHION xxx

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