Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ok so i was in shopping in Glasgow city centre today and honestly some of the styles out there are err...well on the unfashionable side. As i walked into Topshop i started picking clothes out for my friend who i was shopping with , today was the day i wanted to dress her up as she usually doesn't go on the daring style of fashion , but as i was going to say "hey try these on " she turned to me and said "i dont like it" , i almost died when i heard that . I'm talking bout gorgeous tops and shorts i mean who can deny that loving or at least admiring dip dye shorts , id do anything for them but here in Scotland the weather is well not designed for shorts. So yes my best friend rejects to trying on beautiful clothes :( don't get me wrong she let me try once and honestly she looked fab but she doesn't want to stand out from the crowd which is a shame because she could look amazing. So i'm going on holiday to the South Of France next saturday and i'd say that i was pretty organized and then it hit me that i don't yet have a going out outfit and that i have around 3 days to find one :/ i'm not too sure where i'll find one or what style it will be but i want a dress that i can go out with but it can also be worn casually , yes i know i may ask alot but hey thats my wish lol x so i'll try and upload tonight bye xxx

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