Friday, 28 September 2012

Uploading More Often Its Fridaaaay x

Ok so i said i would upload more today , so heres my morning post . I should be doing more around the evening time so if you want to have another look feel free. First of all i would like to thank people who viwed the blog yesterday , i got 23 more pageviews in a day !! I know this is not massive but it really does help to know that people are looking at your work ! So today im reallly sad because it is the last day of my work experience and next monday i have to go back to school. If your interested at 2:30 (Paris time) there is a live streaming from Dior , i unfortunately will miss it because im working but il watch it on youtube :) So iv got to go now but c you all soon x LIVE A LIFE FULL OF FASHION xx

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