Thursday, 11 July 2013

Miley Cyrus' hair ...

So its the talk of the world basically .... yepp thats right MILEY CYRUS' HAIR and although she chose to cut it a while ago ... still people are ranting and raving about it . If you have just landed on the planet and have just come in to contact with civilization you may not have been informed on Mileys new look . She used to have long caramel hair and nooow its bleach blonde and short. Apparently due to the haircut Miley is having a "breakdown" but we all know how media like to exaggerate things , personally im LOVING Mileys new look , its bringing out who she really is and i love it :) We all should express ourselves in the way we want . Whats good in a world where we all go around looking like barbie ? so love it or hate it ... Miley Cyrus' hair talk wont be dying down any time soon :) xox

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